How we can support our clients (and ourselves) tackle health issues exacerbated by modern living? We’ve put together an exciting programme to explore some of the most prevalent conditions that we may come across in our work.

This Conference is open to all bodyworkers (practitioners and students) so come and join us for what promises to be informative day!

The Programme and Presenters

Muscle testing as a Monitor for Modern Day Injuries 

Earle Abrahamson

Stress and the Modern Working Woman 

Jayne Burke

Buteyko Breathing 

Gray Caws

MFR Me – Making Time for you in a Hectic World 

Ruth Duncan

The Myths and Benefits of Oncology Massage Therapy 

Susan Findlay

Muscle testing as a Monitor for Modern Day Injuries 

Jane Langston

Inside the Head of Fibromyalgia 

Chris Newton

A Myofascial Approach to Fibromyalgia 

Amanda Oswald

Womb and Fertility Massage Therapy 

Clare Spink

Vital Motion: What moves you? What makes you move? 

Maya van der Galiën

Iain Murdoch

The Importance of Gut Health 

Susie Wilsher

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