Chris Newton

Chris is leading the Inside the Head of Fibromyalgia Workshop

Chris Newton has been practicing and teaching as a Soft Tissue Therapist for over a decade, at his clinic on East Sussex and as a senior tutor at the NLSSM Sports Massage School in London. As with any manual therapist he came across many clients with Fibromyalgia in those years and found standard approaches to be ineffective. He would have good results with a client from one treatment and shockingly poor results the next, and never any lasting improvement. It wasn’t until he went on to study Functional Neurology and Pain Science that the pieces began to come together.

In 2017 he started The Fibro Project. Initially as a self funded research project, where he donated over 100 treatment sessions to a group of willing volunteers. Over this process he discovered how working with the nervous system and stress responses could have significant and long lasting effects for people suffering this condition.

Whilst the initial self funded project is now over, he remains active in treating FMS patients at his clinic in Forest Row, East Sussex.

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