Jane Langston

Jane is co-leading the Muscle testing as a Monitor for Modern Day Injuries Workshop

Jane started her career in the NHS working for over 20 years in haematology and blood transfusion laboratories and is Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science.

She went on to develop her skills as an Amatsu practitioner in a busy clinic in Hertfordshire for another 20 years and is now a teacher of Amatsu soft tissue therapy, anatomy and physiology and is the director of both Amatsu Training School and Learn Anatomy Ltd.

As a result of many years of teaching, she understands that students needed good strategies to help them learn, retain, and apply anatomical studies.

Jane also sits as an Amatsu therapy representative on the General Council for Soft Tissue Therapies and is an Amatsu advisor to the British Register for Complementary Therapies.

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