Claire Feldkamp

Claire is leading the Yoga: self-care for Therapists and Clients Workshop

Claire is a multi-skilled bodyworker and yoga teacher with an holistic approach to helping clients suffering with chronic pain, injuries, stress and anxiety. She has her studio in Macclesfield where she works with clients, and teaches yoga & meditation. Claire’s personal experience of work-related stress and chronic pain led her to move from archaeology into massage.

Since 2011 she has trained with MTI, Jing and Dynamic Massage, as well as Yogaview in Chicago. It was during her time in the US that she discovered meditation, which continues to form a significant part of her life. Claire loves to teach, inspire and support therapists in their work, and has been a representative for MTI in the Northern Region for over two years.

She believes community is one of the most important aspects of MTI, and feels blessed to be part a supportive, innovative and holistically minded network of therapists. Committed to helping people to find balance in their lives, Claire is passionate about the way yoga can enable people to listen to their bodies and find their pathway to healing.

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