Clare Spink

Clare Spink will be leading the Womb and Fertility Massage Therapy Workshop

Clare Spink is the founder of Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy, which is a unique treatment culminating over 15 years’ work in the natural health field.

Her extensive and international research and training has enabled an understanding that many fertility problems are the result of physical or emotional trauma, including scar tissue, digestive complaints, stress and anxiety.

Clare developed a treatment that combines leading edge techniques, including womb massage, pulsing, rebozo and guided visualisations massage along with emotional healing to enhance successful conception and womb healing. Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy has currently been taught to over 400 therapists worldwide, who each share Clare’s passion and desire to help couples to conceive.

Clare is driven to helping women to reconnect and heal their womb. Believing that our wombs are our creative centre whereby all life & ideas are created, Clare coined the phrase “Heal the Womb, Heal the Woman”.

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