Craig Foden

Craig Foden is co-leading the Prolong your Career with Hands Free Massage Workshop

I became acutely aware of the healing and restorative potential of professional massage after receiving an inspiring treatment for a painful lower back due, in part, to poor ‘drum kit’ seated posture.

My continued interest in martial arts practice consolidated my interest in flowing bodyuse, movement, anatomy, physiology and pathologies which inspired me to seek out and qualify in holistic & therapeutic massage at the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training (2005).

Now as a registered practitioner/tutor, with the Massage Training Institute, I deliver Soft Tissue Therapy and injury rehabilitation in clinic as well as advanced Diploma studies in Sports Remedial Massage in Sheffield with SCMT. I have also tutored with Bodyology School of Massage London.

Continuing skills development lead me to study with Darien Pritchard.

In witnessing how hands free techniques have been intrinsic in saving massage therapists careers, who were on the verge of early retirement, I recommend implementing these methods into your professional massage and bodywork practice!

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