Earle Abrahamson

Earle is co-leading the Integrated Health Workshop with Gerry Andrews

Earle  is a senior lecturer in sports therapy. He is also the national chair of the Massage Training Institute, Vice-Chair of the General Council for Sport Tissue Therapists, and sits on the professional board for soft tissue therapy at the Complementary and Natural Health Care council. He is an internationally published author, therapist, psychologist, educator and teaching fellow. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Earle gained qualifications and expertise in physical education and soft tissue therapy, clinical psychology and educational practices. Earle was a medical gamemaker for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, physical therapy team member for the London 2017 Athletics championships. He is a director at Hands-on Training an MTI accredited school. Together with Jane Langston, he has authored anatomical textbooks and is a director at LearnAnatomy UK.  He is the recipient of the Turnitin Global Innovation award for student engagement and a principal fellow of the higher education academy.

Earle’s website

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