Gerry Andrews

Gerry is co-leading the Integrated Health workshop with Earle Abrahamson

Gerry is a massage therapist and Body-Mind coach who works with individuals and organisations to help them recognise and overcome the blocks (in their bodies and their minds) that are preventing them living the lives they wish to live and being the people/organisation they wish to be.

As a Body-Mind Coach Gerry integrates manual therapies, coaching strategies, movement exercises and energy work to help people connect their mental selves to their physical selves so as to be more effective, positive and energised.  Integrating techniques from coaching  and mindfulness alongside massage, Gerry helps people bring their awareness to the habits and patterns (physical, mental and emotional) in their life that might have been causing the stress and pain in the first place. However, Gerry also enjoys using massage to address sports injuries and regularly works at national badminton tournaments and running events.

Gerry was the MTI Northern Regional Rep between 2013 and 2016 and is also a member of the Northern Massage Association.  He was also a privileged to present one of the workshops at the inaugural Integrative Health Convention in London last October.

Gerry’s passion for massage stems from a family tradition which reaches back to his Burmese grandmother.  His holistic approach also derives from and informed his professional background in town planning, community development, regeneration and change management. He has also trained and worked as a facilitator and mediator, and is working with other coaches to explore how Solution-Focussed approaches and Clean Language can be applied to his therapeutic work.  Gerry is currently involved in spreading active awareness and interest in mindfulness in Leeds as part of the Moment of Mass Mindfulness movement started by Sue Cooper in Nottingham in 2017.

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