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Holos Healthcare will be leading the Emergency First Aid for Massage Therapists Workshop

Alex and Judi Brazkiewicz formed Holos Healthcare & Training Ltd in 2004 to deliver high quality First Aid at Work training. Alex and Judi between them have over 30 years experience in the Emergency Services and over 40 years training in First Aid and are backed by a passionate team of instructors.

Holos, an Edexcel approved training centre, a member of the Federation of First Aid Training Organisations and of the First Aid Industry Body offers a range of (mainly on-site) training.


Holos are proud of the quality of their instructors and assessors.


Alex, is a field experienced State Registered Paramedic with over 17 years experience with the London Ambulance Service and prior to that 7 years with the Metropolitan Police Force. He holds his Certificate in Education and Certificate in Paramedic Science, and has been training First Aid for over 20 years. He was certified by the Royal College of Surgeons as a Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support Instructor and was a paramedic assessor for the Health Professions Council for over 10 years.

He also holds Dan grade black belts in Aikido, Kendo, Iaido and Jo and still trains under Mike FINN Sensei, with whom he has studied under for over 20 years. Alex studied Shiatsu with the European Shiatsu School and has qualified from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine with a 1st Class BSc (Hons) in acupuncture. He has also successfully completed a year long postgraduate course on Chinese Herbal Patent formulae and Tui Na Chinese massage. He currently sees patients at his clinic in Worcester 1-2 days per week (www.eastwesthealthcare.info) and currently lectures in Anatomy and Physiology at schools and colleges of Complimentary Medicine about 30 days per year.


Judi has over 12 years experience with the Metropolitan Police Force where she received a Commissioners Commendation for saving the life of a colleague. She has been a First Aid Instructor for over 8 years, and holds her Certificate in Education and NVQ Assessing Units. Her teaching specialities are human resource specific including personal development, interview techniques and customer care. In addition she undertakes voluntary work as a business mentor helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds on behalf of the Prince’s Trust and is also chairperson of the local committee of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Judi maintains her skills undertaking voluntary work as a community first responder with the West Midlands NHS trust Ambulance Service. Judi is the co-founder of Holos Healthcare and Training.


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