Katherine Creighton Crook

Katherine is leading the Boundaries: Creating and Enforcing them with Kindness and Create your 90-day Marketing Plan Workshops

Katherine Creighton Crook knows exactly what it’s like to be a therapist who graduated ready to serve clients, realising that there is SO MUCH MORE to it than having mad massage skills (also known as the business/marketing/admin stuff).

She started her own clinic in 2010, growing it from just her in a room a couple days a week to 3 locations, 2 national awards, a team of dedicated therapists, a guest lecturer position on Westminster University’s Complementary Therapy Degree and, MOST importantly, hundreds of clients served – all while raising two boys (now 4 & 7).

Katherine believes that if you’ve decided to help people live better lives (aka being a massage therapist), you deserve to be able to do that, full time, without living off beans on toast or working all the hours in a day. With her membership platform for massage therapists, she helps other massage therapists build their dream massage practice saving them a ton of time and heartache along the way. If you’d like more information about My Massage Mentor, or to sign up for her free mini mentoring messages, it’s all at mymassagementor.co.uk.


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