Liz Fosbury

Liz will be leading theWorking with conflict survivors in Bosnia and the UK Workshop

Liz has a background in nursing and has been working as a holistic therapist since 1993. She teaches Stress management and has a Human Givens brief therapy Diploma. She is a member of MTI.   She first went to Sarajevo with the Charity ‘Healing Hands Network’ in 2011. She has been every year since then. She has spent a total of 15 weeks working in Sarajevo. In 2017 she ran 4 workshops with Rosemary Thomson teaching basic massage skills. They will be back next year.

WELCOME TO SARAJEVO. Living with the past and coping with the present in Bosnia.

1993 was an exciting year as I had just qualified with MTI, which had been in existence since 1988. I was setting up my practice. In Bosnia a complicated war had been raging for 2 years and Sarajevo was already under siege, which lasted nearly 4 years. I remember the confusing media coverage and the frustration of journalists, who could see the West doing very little even though Sarajevo was only 40 minutes flying time from Munich.

In Washington DC On April 22nd 1993 Bill Clinton was at the inauguration of the Holocaust Memorial Museum, where he stated that ‘never again should such evil be perpetrated’. On the same day in Tuzla a young Bosnian surgeon was being interviewed by an American journalist about his work in Srebrenica, where he was having to perform amputations without anaesthetic and treat other injuries with no medical supplies. The Srebrenica massacre, which was the worst act of genocide since WW2, when 7000 Muslim men and boys were killed, was yet to happen.

Also in 1993 Mostar’s famous Ottoman Bridge was completely destroyed by Croat forces.

I never thought that 25 years on I would still be passionate about helping the survivors.


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