Sharon Bull

Sharon is leading the Supervision as Self Care Workshop

Sharon Bull

MMTI, CertEd, ITECDip, Grad.IPD

MTI SW Rep, Supervisor & Tutor, founder of touchenergy & The Unfurl Programme

Sharon is passionate about the power of touch and mindbody connection for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing through her own health journey. She founded touchenergy in 2000 and for the past 6 years she has worked with unpaid carers through local NHS and Social Services contracts.  She continues to deliver wellbeing and personal development coaching and workshops through The Unfurl Programme, enabling people to better live life and manage health issues, stress, pain and anxiety.

Sharon was formerly Principal of the Academy of Natural Health (MTI founder school) and brings a unique, engaging and mindful approach to relevant, creative CPD workshops.  Her experience and practice with supervision is to deepen self awareness and connection with yourself and your clients.  She is passionate about support and selfcare for practitioners and promoting massage within health and social care fields.  Sharon is currently working with MTI to establish peer supervision groups through the regions and offers group supervisions or individually online.


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