Sharon Bull MTI, CertEd, ITECDip, Grad.IPD, IANLPC

Sharon headshot June 15Sharon is leading the Creating Mindful Massage Treatments Workshop

Sharon founded touchenergy in 2000 and is a multiskilled holistic bodyworker, wellbeing coach and qualified tutor with a unique easygoing and experiential approach that seeks to inspire and empower people to find their own balance for health and wellbeing. Recognising the power of the mindbody relationship that helps her manage her own health issues and responses to stress, Sharon is passionate about connecting with our body’s ability to heal, improving our relationship with it and the importance of self awareness and mindfulness practice for our emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Sharon’s experience includes being Principal of the Academy of Natural Health (former MTI founder school), and she now delivers CPD workshops and postgraduate practitioner courses and supervision as well as community relaxation classes and development coaching. Running a small team of massage therapists, she holds local NHS and Social Service contracts supporting unpaid carers and runs community and charity wellbeing workshops managing stress, chronic pain, anxiety and mental health issues. Sharon is an MTI SW Rep, Supervisor and Tutor passionate about the power of touch and committed to supporting practitioners to become more confident, skilled and mindful within their practice and daily lives.

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