Create your 90 Day Marketing Plan

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This is an afternoon workshop led by Katherine Creighton Crook

Do you have a marketing plan for your massage practice?

Marketing is a necessary part of any business – the better your marketing, the more likely you’ll have clients you gel with and can really serve, and encourage not-so-suitable clients to look elsewhere. A good marketing plan makes running your massage practice so much easier.

In this workshop, Katherine will walk you through exactly how to create a marketing plan for your massage practice – we’ll be talking, deciding on your goals, how you’re going to market yourself, how you’ll track the results, and mapping out every step in your calendar so you know exactly what you’re doing, and when. 

Do you hate marketing? Do you love it? Marketing can be an enjoyable part of your business and if you enjoy something you’re more likely to do it. We’ll also talk about marketing mindset and see if you can leave the session excited to put your marketing plan into action (vs procrastinating on it and never getting it done).

You’ll leave this workshop with:

A plan for your next 90 days of marketing, in alignment with yourself & your vision for your practice, mapped out step-by-step.

An understanding of how you can enjoy marketing (and if you felt ugh about it before, hopefully feel a little more excited about it).

A framework you can re-use over and over again to plan your marketing efforts.

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