FULLY BOOKED – Hands Free Massage – An Introduction

FULLY BOOKED – This is an afternoon workshop led by Darien Pritchard, Leora Sharp, Sally Morris & Craig Foden

Hands Free Massage uses the forearm and elbow to skillfully apply a broad range of pressure in massage. It can be used effectively for deep-tissue, firm massage, enabling you to ‘give your hands a holiday’, while you apply pressure with less effort. This helps to maintain your career as a massage practitioner by saving your thumbs and wrists, the most common areas of work-related strain and a reason why many therapists have to stop working. Hands Free Massage is fully versatile; the pressure can be easily adapted for long, flowing strokes that enable clients to feel a deep sense of relaxation and connection.

This workshop introduces participants to the background and basic concepts of ‘Hands Free Massage’. You’ll learn some Hands-Free strokes that can easily be incorporated into familiar massage routines – using the ‘Soft Forearm’ (the bellies of the flexor muscles) for broad sliding strokes on the client’s back.

There will be an emphasis on:

  • using the forearm in a skillful, responsive way rather than using it to ‘mash’ the client – monitoring and adapting to the client’s responses;
  • using your body effectively to support the work of your forearm (how to be most effective with least effort);
  • and blending Hands Free techniques smoothly into massage treatments.

Inspired by receiving deep tissue massage and Hawaiian massage treatments, Darien began using his forearm and elbow in massage treatments in the 1980s (without which he would have been unable to maintain his massage career). In the late 1990s, he was the first person in the UK to use the term ‘Hands Free’ Massage for this approach when he pulled together techniques that he’d been teaching for a decade into a stand-alone workshop. It has since become the generic term for using the forearm and elbow with clients on the massage table or seated in a massage chair.

This conference marks the launch of the teaching team (Leora Sharp, Sally Morris and Craig Foden) who will carry on the Hands Free Massage teaching that Darien has developed over two decades.


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