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This is an afternoon workshop led by Earle Abrahamson & Gerry Andrews

What is Integrative Health and who gets to be integrated? What does holistic or integrative health mean to both the therapist and client? Is there a better way to position the client within the service circle so that they can choose the best healthcare package to suit their needs.  This workshop will address these questions and engage conversations around frustrations within healthcare management by asking:

What could a more Integrative Health Care system look like and what might it mean for holistic practitioners?

Using an interactive format, this workshop is designed to build on the conversations started at the first Integrative Health Convention held in October 2018, so that we can:

a) offer attendees the opportunity to add their voice and experiences to the debate;

b) identify the range of key issues for further debate –  including the role of massage and others CAMs in mainstream medicine; patient referrals; social prescribing; and medical etiquette – and

c) arrive at some potential ideas for action that could be presented at the second Integrative Health Convention planned for later in 2019, as well as other health forums.

Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss how massage therapy and therapists, need to work collaboratively to meet the growing and evolving healthcare agenda.  This is an important workshop for encouraging new conversations on integrative health, and for attendees to consider being part of an MTI working group to establish networking opportunities within healthcare provision.  The presenters, both of whom were invited speakers at the Integrative Health Convention, will share their experience and learning and provide a forum for interaction, information, and different ways of thinking about massage therapy practice.

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