Muscle testing as a Monitor for Modern Day Injuries – Practical

This is an afternoon workshop lead by Earle Abrahamson & Jane Langston

Modern society encourages a fast pace lifestyle, one which subjects individuals to adapting to challenges on demand.  With these multiple challenges come numerous problems that manifest both physically and psychologically.  How does one learn to adapt to modern lifestyles whilst balancing the possibility of injury and ill-health? 

This practice based workshop explores how muscle testing is used to monitor injury, and provide invaluable assessment guidance on treatment choices.  Through muscle testing the practitioner learns to co-ordinate treatment strategies by carefully designing appropriate interventions to manage and reduce the onset of injury.

Earle Abrahamson and Jane Langston, authors of Muscle Testing; A concise manual, will lead participants through muscle testing as a monitor and treatment technique for modern day injuries.

The workshop will focus on how the body responds to stressors, and how through muscle testing, significant information about body function and dynamics could be considered. 

The workshop is open to practitioners and students but is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.  Participants should wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing, and bring a pen and pad for note-taking.

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