Vital Motion: What moves you? What makes you move? – Practical

This is an afternoon workshop led by Maya van der Galiën & Iain Murdoch

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to release habitual sedentary posture and restricted movements, and to acquire body awareness, natural movement and feel the effect on posture of the body.

You will learn to become aware of movements originating in the body, instead of the mind, learning to feel movement rather than think it.

Experience how music affects not only feelings and emotions, but also our physical body.

In this mental world it can be a welcome change to allow us to connect with our body, to feel what it needs and to really experience what movement and touch can do for us.

We will leave behind the mental world and come into the present moment.

Calm and gentle exercises will alternate with more active ones.

We will focus on body awareness, posture, touch, the effect of different ways of interaction, connection and response.

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