Yoga: Self-care for Therapists and Clients

This is an afternoon led by Claire Feldkamp

There are many branches of yoga beyond the obvious physical practice, including self-enquiry, breathwork and deep relaxation. When a therapist integrates these techniques into their work, they become mindful of tension in their own body, can use their breath to stay present, and are able to hold space for others with more clarity. Integrating deep relaxation techniques into self-care provides a way to recharge our bodies and minds, so that we are then able to care for others. These aspects of yoga can benefit clients who suffer from stress or chronic pain, providing them with powerful ways to ease pain, cultivate more awareness of their bodies, connect more deeply with their breath and learn how to relax deeply.

In this experiential workshop we will explore breath, bodies and minds, discovering for ourselves how powerful yoga can be as a tool for self enquiry and self-care.

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