Keynote Speech

This year’s keynote speech will be delivered by Dr. Toh Wong


Convention Organiser Integrative Health Convention, General Practitioner, GP Trainer, Medical Acupuncturist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, Co-founder of Neurolinguistic Healthcare, Council Member College of Medicine

As a full-time General Practitioner and GP Trainer, Dr Wong has been fascinated by how the care of the patient is more holistic than he had ever been led to believe in all his conventional medical training. After meeting Dr Naveed Akhtar and studying NLP, Hypnosis, and Acupuncture, they came up with Neurolinguistic Healthcare (NLH) which is an amalgamation of effective consultation skills and therapeutic techniques involved in health and healing that can be taught and learnt easily and effectively. They are keen to progress the dialogue between medicine and complementary medicine with the ever increasing neuroscience, social and behavioural science base, yet keeping at the centre of it, the patient and their holistic care. Thus, Neurolinguistic Healthcare Ltd have organised the Integrative Health Convention, getting the best, most innovative speakers in Integrative Medicine and Complementary Health together to share, teach, learn, and connect at this Annual Convention in London held in association with the College of Medicine.


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