Creating Mindful Massage Treatments

This is an morning workshop led by Sharon Bull

How do we create effective and truly holistic massage treatments with both practitioner and client in mind? This experiential and interactive session explores the power and possibilities of a mindful approach to treatments enabling us to work deeper with intention and focus whilst developing an awareness of our own tendencies, habits and tensions.

We will practise creative techniques helping to centre and balance ourselves and clients physically, emotionally and mentally not only in treatment but in daily life. Exploring observation and listening skills, breathwork and common tension patterns, working posture and habits, quality of touch, visualisation and, importantly how to

Being mindful of our working posture and movement we will explore creating different intentions and focus for our treatments and share powerful relaxation techniques with our clients so empowering them with everyday selfcare tools whilst deepening our own awareness of habits, tendencies and working posture.

Mindfulness practice has powerful implications for our massage treatments enabling us to slow down and be present, calm busy minds and relax tense bodies, be non-judgemental and compassionate with clear professional boundaries and intentions. This workshop is practical and in response to hearing from therapists that are themselves feeling stressed, exhausted, a little rusty or isolated and generally seeking some inspiration and to lengthen their working careers and develop simple effective techniques they can share with clients.

This experiential and practical session explores how we can use mindfulness techniques to create intention and focus for more powerful treatments as well as empowering clients with effective everyday relaxation tools and techniques. We will consider quality of touch, working posture and our habitual patterns, observation and listening skills, working with focus and intention setting.

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