FULLY BOOKED – Get into the flow – Exploring Lymphatic Massage

FULLY BOOKED – This is a morning workshop led by Earle Abrahamson & Jane Langston

The body has a complex and wonderful defence mechanism. Situated deep within our cellular make-up there is a mysterious fluid, often depicted as a green liquid. What is the role of lymph? Why is it important to learn about the flow of this fluid? How can massage practitioners aid this flow and help systemic recovery? These questions form the foundation for this applied workshop. Using creative teaching techniques, attendees will explore the role, purpose and structural composition of lymph and its associated structures. Through practical guidance, manual lymphatic soft tissue techniques will be demonstrated and practised. Attendees will further explore management of lymphoedema, application of kinesiological tape for the treatment of oedema, and pressure applications for lymphatic massage techniques.

This workshop is open to students and practitioners who wish to explore the structural and functional dynamics of lymph.

What to bring: –

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Pens and paper for note-taking
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