Prolong your Massage Career with Hands Free

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This is a morning workshop led by Leora Sharp, Darien Pritchard and Craig Foden

Hands Free Massage uses the forearm and elbow to skillfully apply a broad range of pressure in massage. It can be used effectively for deep-tissue, firm massage, enabling you to ‘give your hands a holiday’, while you apply pressure with less effort. This helps to maintain your career as a massage practitioner by saving your thumbs and wrists, the most common areas of work-related strain and a reason why many therapists have to stop working. Hands Free Massage is fully versatile; the pressure can be easily adapted for long, flowing strokes that enable clients to feel a deep sense of relaxation and connection.

This workshop introduces participants to the background and basic concepts of ‘Hands Free Massage’. You’ll learn some Hands-Free strokes that can easily be incorporated into familiar massage routines – using the ‘Soft Forearm’ (the bellies of the flexor muscles) for broad sliding strokes on the client’s back.

There will be an emphasis on:

  • using the forearm in a skillful, responsive way rather than using it to ‘mash’ the client – monitoring and adapting to the client’s responses;
  • using your body effectively to support the work of your forearm (how to be most effective with least effort);
  • and blending Hands Free techniques smoothly into massage treatments.


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