Supervision as Self Care

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This is a morning workshop led by Sharon Bull

How do you look after yourself within your practice?  Do you reflect on your work or how you feel about it with anyone?  How do we develop the skills, knowledge or approaches we need as successful massage practitioners?  What is your experience of supervision?

As holistic massage practitioners we are responsible and care for not only our clients, but our own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in response to our work.  Supervision is a process dedicated to supporting you within your practice helping you identify the skills, knowledge and approaches you need to be a creative, competent, compassionate and confident practitioner.

The more support we can get as therapists, the more support we can give to clients.

This interactive session is all about you!  Exploring peer group supervision as a powerful support and self care tool will enable you to observe, connect, share, focus, listen, question, clarify, discuss, empathise and be inspired with your practice.  We will explore creative and practical tools to get present with yourself and your work, and importantly, identify and discuss any issues or feelings arising from it.

Supervision allows regular conversations about massage and practice decisions, clients, ideas, as well as ethical dilemmas that arise and how they make you feel. Because massage is often a solo and solitary practice, having regular conversations about our work will keep us from burn out, isolation and poor, habitual or ineffective practices.


Bring:  Journal/notebook & pen for ideas, reflections, questions.

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