The Importance of Gut Health – Discussion SOLD OUT

This is a morning workshop led by Susie Willsher

There is just so much about the gut and its ecosystem (the microbiome) that we didn’t know about just a couple of years ago. The microbial communities that live in the human gut have been described as “a new organ”. Most striking is the effect of gut health on other parts of our body and our general health. Never has it been more apparent that our body works as a whole and our gut has a major influence on how well it is working and how we are feeling and the microbiome is involved in “modulating human disease”

Some areas that gut health has shown to influence are: Immunity, mental health, obesity, diabetes, arthritis to name but a few! And let us not forget the discomfort of the symptoms of imbalances in the gut such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome that are the more obvious signs that something is not right in our gut.

This workshop will help you to brush up on your gastro intestinal physiology and will explain where things can go wrong and why. We will look at how our diet and lifestyle can affect our gut health and how individual the microbiome is.

Susie will discuss in more detail the link with our gut health and systemic inflammation and some of the ways in which it can manifest. She will also brush on the more recent findings of COVID19 and the link with the microbiome.

She will present a case study to illustrate the complexity and individuality of gut health and how this knowledge can be applied to, and observed in practice.

There will be time for all your burning gut health and other nutritional questions.

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